Menu available everyday (Except events)


Welcome canapes
  1. Cream of mushrooms with goat cheese
  2. Minestrone vegetables soup
  3. Salad with goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
  4. Chicken liver pâté with port wine and Cumberland sauce
  5. Pastrami (False carpaccio) shavings of Parmesan, lemon and olive oil
  6. Pan fried cherry tomatoes topped with Burrata and olive Tartufo
  7. Baked eggs with blue cheese, walnuts and sprinkled serrano ham
  8. Crispy panko crusted prawns with cardamon and red fruit vinaigrette
  9. Fried camembert cheese and blueberry jam
  10. Cod croquettes and passion fruit mayonnaise
  11. Prawns in pil-pil sauce with a touch of chardonnay wine
...now, we continue with a fruit sorbet


  1. Chicken curry and coconut milk cream
  2. Beef stew -Goulash-
  3. Duck confit in orange sauce with red berries and lime zest
  4. Honey barbecued pork ribs
  5. Roasted leg of suckling lamb au jus
  6. Cooked at low temperature Angus beef (sous-vide cuisine)
  7. Fresh salmon supreme grilled or with orange sauce
  8. Grilled fresh sole and tartare sauce
  9. Sauteed salmon and prawns with peppers and cherrys
  10. Grilled sea bass loins and tartare sauce
  11. Lasagna or Spaguetti (Bolognese, carbonara)

All our dishes are served with suitable garnish. Garnish extra: 4,00 €

Includes dessert of your choice. Drinks not included.

36,00 €

VAT included


  1. Tiramisu with lady fingers and bitter cocoa
  2. Fig flan with Pedro Ximénez sherry
  3. Two-cheese cheesecake with dulce de leche and raspberry sorbet
  4. Passion Fruit mousse
  5. Vanilla ice cream
  6. Fresh pineapple
  7. Coffee